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Hakijami, ISER and GI-ESCR, together with allies, expressed their concerns about the World Bank’s expressed support for the development of a multinational chain of low-fee profit-making private primary schools 

Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other organizations called on UN human rights experts to question the government of Chile about the human rights violations resulting from its privatised education system

The Right to Education Project has recently launched a new website. The site’s section on monitoring the right to education gives a succinct introduction to:

  • What to monitor, including a country’s legal framework
  • ...

ESCR-Net’s member Right to Education Project has launched a re-conceived and re-designed website to be more user-friendly and allow for greater interactivity

On December 7, 2011, The Working Group on Human Rights in India and the UN  released the report it has submitted to the United Nations (UN) titled "Human Rights in India: An Overview." Click here for more information and a copy of the report.

The Right to education project launches new website to promote social mobilisation and legal accountability.