Take Action

Join the Global Advocacy Efforts Pushing for a Strong Treaty


Advocate with your Government

Arrange meetings with your government to encourage them to be involved in the UN Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) in Geneva during the IGWG's process to develop a new UN treaty to address corporate-related human rights abuses. Ask your Government to raise the priorities expressed by civil society organisations from their country during the IGWG proceedings.  If you need a template letter to begin corresponding with your Government, which you can tailor, download that here. If there are several organisations committed to treaty related advocacy in your country you may consider developing a national treaty initiative as has happened in a few countries already. If you need support arranging this, please contact Dominic Renfrey: drenfrey@escr-net.org.

Engage the media

Press coverage of your position on the treaty, linked to topical corporate-related human rights issues in your country and your priorities for the IGWG, is a good way to elevate attention by the Government and general public for the need for the treaty.  If you need a template press statement, which you can tailor, download that here.

Arrange public actions

Arrange a local peaceful mobilisation or similar public action, linked to a locally important event, that brings attention to the need for a treaty.  There is really no limit to how these peaceful events can be designed to successfully draw attention to issues and build civil society solidarity.  Some ideas include a sharing-publications and informatio alongside other events with civil society organisations and unions, a fun carnival event to draw public attention, civil society theatre or music productions to highlight the importance of holding corporations accountable, or a flash-mob gathering of activitists to add a different focus to an already pre-arranged event. Contact other activists in your country to design some fun peaceful public actions.

Advocate at the UN

UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution in June 2014 establishing the 'Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises', referred to as the 'IGWG', with a mandate to develop a new treaty.  The first meeting of the IGWG was held at the UN in Geneva in July 2015, and the second meeting

takes place between October 24-28, 2016.   Civil society organisations are invited to provide written submissions to the IGWG. ESCR-Net members have developed a joint submission, and we encourage all members to consider doing the same. The Treaty Initiative Proposals are also a resource to support ESCR-Net members and partners to develop their advocacy positions. We also encourage all members and partners to meet with UN delegates from various UN Member States to urge them to promote civil society positions in the IGWG negotiations. There are several key advocacy resources created throughout the Treaty Initiative that are available to share while advocating with Governments and their geneva representatives.  ESCR-Net is also an active participant in the Treaty Alliance, participarly during the various mobilisations and other advocacy activities in Geneva during the IGWG.  We strongly encourage our members to join these activities.

#StopCorporateAbuse on Social Media

Spread the word for any actions, submissions, media or public statements you develop. The corporate accountability community is connected online through the #StopCorporateAbuse hashtag, and social media formats are particuarly important during key moments like the IGWG and other international actions, so join the corporate accountability community online whenever there's news or events to share information about.