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Collective Work

NGO Coalition for the OP-ICESCR joins UN High Commissioner Zeid and Group of Friends of OP-ICESCR in celebrating the second anniversary in NYC

FIDH and ESCR-Net will hold the first regional consultation meeting in the framework of their joint Treaty Initiative project in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Women human rights defenders and their supporters in Cambodia freed, following a letter sent by ESCR-Net and advocacy by other organizations

Members and allies, in collaboration with the Strategic Litigation Working Group, assess the decision of the Spanish Government to restore undocument migrants' access to health services

The Strategic Litigation Working Group met in Geneva to define priorities for the next two years

Member News

Hakijami, ISER and GI-ESCR, together with allies, expressed their concerns about the World Bank’s expressed support for the development of a multinational chain of low-fee profit-making private primary schools 

MAB launches documentry to denounce the violation of women's rights during the construction of dams in Brazil

The Democracy Center remember the victory of the people of Cochabamba, Bolivia, in their now-famous showdown with one of the most powerful multinational corporations in the world

International meeting organized by CESR on Tax Policy promotes the progressive realization of ESCR

The Philippines found responsable for serious violations of women's rights, according to UN CEDAW and human rights groups