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You can subscribe to one or more of ESCR-Net's Discussion Groups, which provide a channel for you to exchange information with other activists from around the world working on the same issue area. 

The ESCR-Net thematic discussion groups facilitate dialogue between organizations and individuals working in specific fields of ESCR. ESCR-Net participants use the thematic listservs to post information requests, seek support for ongoing campaigns, as well as share strategies and discuss current developments in the field. 

In addition, several of the thematic listservs also function as the main communication channel for members of the corresponding working group to keep updated and organize working group actions. By joining a thematic listserv, you will not only exchange information but also be involved in the discussions with other groups to define thematic scope, priorities, line of action and work plan of the emerging working group. At the end of this page, you will find the Guidelines for posting information to the listservs.

The ESCR-Net discussion groups are the following (some of these groups are more active than others on their level of debate and exchange of information):

  • Discussion Group on Monitoring of ESCR
    This Discussion Group 
     will provide a space for mutual guidance; generation of innovative tools and resources to address specific challenges; promotion of accessible and holistic approaches to ESCR monitoring; and capacity-building for Network Members to more effectively monitor ESCR compliance.
  • Discussion Group on Adjudication of ESCR
    This Discussion Group was created to faciliate communication among organizations and individuals interested in demanding ESCR through legal mechanisms. We hope this space will also be a forum for the exchange of strategies and updated information on the development of case law related to ESCR.
  • Discussion Group on Corporate Accountability
    This Discussion Group facilitates discussion, information exchange and joint work among organizations and individuals from all over the world that are working to achieve that corporations incorporate human rights standards in their operations. This group is one of the means of communication of the Working Group on Corporate Responsability.
  • Discussion Group on the Right to Health (incorporates the pre-existing HIV/AIDS listserv)
    This Discussion Group was established to facilitate discussion and information exchange relevant to the Right to Health. Originally the discussion group focused on human rights issues related to HIV/AIDS. Over time, the interest of participants in the discussion group expanded to a broader focus on the human right to health.
  • Discussion Group on Economic Policy & Human Rights
    The ESCR-Net International Trade and Investment Discussion Group is organized to facilitate information-sharing and collective efforts related to international trade and investment as intersecting human rights, particularly economic, social, and cultural human rights.
  • Discussion Group on Women and ESCR
    The Women and ESCR Discussion Group provides an online space for organizations, individual advocates, and academics to share resources and information, to discuss key issues and potential responses, and to explore possibilities for collective efforts.
  • Discussion Group on Human Rights and the Environment
    This Discussion Group was created to exchange information and facilitate debate, joint actions and strategy exchange on two interrelated areas of work: human rights and environment. The group is formed by people that work in one or the other area in order to explore the relations between the two.
  • Discussion Group on Budget Analysis and ESCR
    This Discussion Group seeks to share information on initiatives taking place in different countries of the world, aimed to promote the use of public budget analysis as a tool to identify violations of economic, social and cultural rights.  It also seeks to generate debate regarding the difficulties and obstacles on the use of this tool as well as to be a channel for capacity building and exchange of resources.

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