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Legal Resources Centre (Ghana)

Mission Statement: 

The Legal Resources Centre (LRC) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit human rights organisation formed in 1997 by a group of Ghanaian lawyers and law students. It was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the laws of Ghana in February 1998. The underlying philosophy of the LRC is that democracy would only thrive in an environment in which the majority of the people:
Know and understand their basic human rights;
Have quick and effective access to justice and entitlements; and
Understand and play their role in the functioning of the constitutional democratic structures.

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Based on this the LRC is engaged in a number of activities including public/civic human rights education; legal aid and alternative dispute resolution (ADR); grassroots participatory democracy activities; parliamentary advocacy; and an international human rights and lawyering internship programme. The prisons project falls under the legal aid programme

Current LRC projects include :

  • Capacity Building for Effective Civil Society Participation in Local Governance with the Support of the European Union Delegation in Ghana
  • Sensitization Project on Child Trafficking Laws
  • Support of CBO's in Citizen-Government Engagement
  • LRC Parliamentary Advocacy Project
  • Legal Aid Services
  • Enforcing Laws on the Worst Forms of Child Labour
  • LRC Training of Action Aid International on RBA  
  • Improving Community-Police Relations Nima-Mamobi