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Center for Minority Rights Development

Mission Statement: 

CEMIRIDE is an advocacy organization devoted to strengthening the capacities of minority and indigenous communities in Kenya and East Africa to secure the respect, promotion and protection of their rights.

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CEMIRIDE identifies its Core Values as:

  • Respect for Minority and Indigenous Peoples' Rights as their Human Rights.
  • Good Governance
  •  Social Justice
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Respect for Diversity
  •  Enhance the principle of responsible stewardship, transparency and accountability

The broad strategic options of CEMIRIDE are :

  • Enhancing the internal capacity of the organization.

  • Mobilizing adequate resources for the effective implementation of programmes.

  • Develop the capacities of target communities in Kenya to enable them address, articulate and advocate for their own issues: socio-economic and political empowerment.

  • Engage the national and international processes in advocating for and safeguarding the minority and indigenous people's rights.

  • Generate and share relevant information on key issues related to minority and indigenous people in Kenya and East Africa for the purposes of public policy making monitoring and evaluation.

  • Educate, raise awareness, sensitize and influence in Kenya and East Africa minorities, dominant groups, policy makers and implementers; general public on the minority and indigenous peoples' rights and issues.