What We Do

Working to Strengthen Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 
The substantive work of ESCR-Net is carried out through decentralized structures that are comprised of and coordinated by Members based in different countries.  Working Groups are the primary structure for organizations to work together on an issue of shared concern and enable joint action.  ESCR-Net seeks to strengthen economic, social and cultural rights by working with organizations and activists worldwide to:    

Facilitate Mutual Learning and Strategy Exchange  
The Network provides a space for groups working at local, national, and international levels on different aspects of ESCR and economic justice to learn from one another, to deepen their knowledge base, and to work together.  The Network has actively facilitated mutual learning and strategy exchanges, particularly on emerging issue areas in human rights.

Develop New Tools and Resources  
In response to needs identified by its Members, ESCR-Net has created and compiled new tools and resources for human rights monitoring and advocacy.

Engage in Advocacy
Members of the Network have chosen to collectively undertake advocacy on emerging or key ongoing international issues of shared concern.  ESCR-Net provides a structure to facilitate joint advocacy globally as well as to engage in education and outreach, especially at the national level.

Provide Information-Sharing and Networking  
The Network has developed thematic Discussion Groups (thematic listservs) where participants post information requests, seek support for campaigns, share strategies and discuss current developments in the field.