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This case began in 2014 with a human rights complaint filed on behalf of three individual complainants and the Disability Rights Coalition alleging systemic discrimination on the basis of disability and source of income in the provision of social assistance contrary to the Human Rights Act. The complainants alleged that the Province of Nova Scotia (the Province) had discriminated against them in the provision of social assistance due to their physical and mental disabilities and financial status. 

Human rights lawyers have threatened legal action against the German, Norwegian, and Canadian governments today for obstructing global efforts to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines and other healthcare technologies. 

The move comes as state delegates from around the...

From its origins, feminist economics has highlighted the need to advance in a broader conception of the economy and the economic system, which, in addition to the productive sphere, takes into account the reproductive sphere. In particular, this current points out the importance of unpaid care work for the development of people, but goes a step further by explaining how the provision of care is actually a social need, as it allows the reproduction of the working class, which in turn will be responsible for creating economic values ​​in the reproductive sphere (that is, for reproducing the economic system).

Nevsun Resources Ltd. (Nevsun), a corporation incorporated in British Columbia that owns 60% of the Bisha Mining Share Company, appealed from the Court of Appeal’s agreement with the Chambers Judge to dismiss Nevsun’s motion to strike the pleadings. Nevsun was sued in a class action made up of more than 1,000 individuals who claimed they were forced to work at the Bisha Mining Share Company’s mine between 2008 and 2012.

At issue in this case were restrictions derived from English common law on charities’ engagement in non-partisan political activity to secure changes to laws or policies to further their charitable purpose. In Canada these restrictions had been incorporated into Canada’s Income Tax Act (ITA), which stated that registered charities may only engage in non-partisan political activities to seek changes to any laws or policies if such activities were “ancillary and incidental” to their charitable activities, with the latter constituting “substantially all” of the organization’s resources.

UN finds rights violations in irregular migrant being denied essential health services

Nell Toussaint challenged Canada’s denial of health care coverage to undocumented immigrants under the under the federal government’s program of health care to immigrants, called the Interim Federal Health Benefit Program. After exhausting domestic remedies, Toussaint brought her claims to the United Nations Human Rights Committee (Committee) under the optional complaints procedure (first optional protocol) to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Canada ratified in 1976.

The UN Human Rights Committee recently issued a positive decision in Toussaint v. Canada, a case examining the government’s life-threatening denial of health coverage based on Ms. Nell Toussaint’s irregular migrant status. Member organization...

Oil Change International, Friends of the Earth-U.S., Sierra Club, and the WWF European Policy Office with the assistance of other NGOs collaborated to produce a report...