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The ESCR-Net Strategic Litigation Working Group joined Canadian organizations in highlighting the United Nations Human Rights Committee's concluding observations in relation to Canada.  The Human Rights Committee expressed serious concerns about new human rights...

ESCR-Net have developed a Scoping Report highlighting six cases of corporate capture in different industries and across different regions.  The Scoping Report is a preliminary...

Written Submission for the General Discussion on the Preparation for a General Comment on Article 6 (Right to Life) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

In its ...

The Global Initiative for ESCR successfully intervened with a Parallel Report laying out the extra-territorial obligations under the ICCPR

Report from MiningWatch Canada and the United Steelworkers concludes that Canadian diplomats in Mexico were complicit in Toronto-based Excellon Resources Inc.’s efforts to avoid redressing a violated land use contract

Amnesty International and ESCR-Net expressed dismay at the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal in the case of Tanudjaja v. Canada and Ontario

MiningWatch Canada highlights on the growing number of communities saying no to large scale mining in defense of their lands and wellbeing

Amnesty International and ESCR-Net intervened in a case demanding the implementation of a rights-based national housing strategy as recommended by the CESCR, the previous Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing and states under Canada’s Universal  Periodic Review

ESCR-Net is appearing jointly with Amnesty International in an historic constitutional case in Canada, brought by individuals affected by widespread homelessness in that country.

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