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The Habi Center for Enviromental Rights has released a statement calling on cement multinational companies to end practices that violate the law. Nine NGOs have pledged solidarity with the demands. Habi has...

Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and their allies in Egypt are seeking letters of solidarity to condemn gross violations of human rights....

New guide published by Habi Center for Environmental Rights on complaints relating to the right to water

Housing & Land Rights Network and Habitat International Coalition publish a new report featuring civil society perspectives

On 4 June 2014, ESCR-Net sent a letter to the Government of Egypt to express concern regarding charges leveled against Mr. Karam Saber, a human rights defender working to protect the rights of farmers in Egypt and his imminent imprisonment.

On April 9th, the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights (ECHR) won a court verdict in favor of Haram City inhabitants, who were found innocent after 88 low-income people were accused of stealing doors and windows from a housing project

The Egyptian Center for Housing Rights (ECHR) got a court verdict in favor of Haram City inhabitants by finding them Innocents.  Thus, Orascom Company – the owner of the Haram City Housing project- has falsely accused 88 persons from the poor inhabitants by stealing doors and windows from the project.

The Center for Economic and Social Rights has produced fact sheets in 'Visualizing Rights' series, seeking to present a picture of a country's compliance with its obligation to fulfill economic, social and cultural rights. In partnership with the Egyptian Center for...

On February 3, 2011 ESCR-Net issued a statement condemning the arrest of a number of human rights activists, the attacks against journalists, and isolation of Tahrir Square as well as the failure of the Egyptian military to provide protection to pro-democracy protesters. The Network urged both the Egyptian and US governments, as well as the International Community, to condemn such violence and repression, to support pro-democratic movements and to defend the protection of human rights.