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The Egyptian Center for Housing Rights (ECHR) got a court verdict in favor of Haram City inhabitants by finding them Innocents.  Thus, Orascom Company – the owner of the Haram City Housing project- has falsely accused 88 persons from the poor inhabitants by stealing doors and windows from the project.

The Center for Economic and Social Rights has produced fact sheets in 'Visualizing Rights' series, seeking to present a picture of a country's compliance with its obligation to fulfill economic, social and cultural rights. In partnership with the Egyptian Center for...

On February 3, 2011 ESCR-Net issued a statement condemning the arrest of a number of human rights activists, the attacks against journalists, and isolation of Tahrir Square as well as the failure of the Egyptian military to provide protection to pro-democracy protesters. The Network urged both the Egyptian and US governments, as well as the International Community, to condemn such violence and repression, to support pro-democratic movements and to defend the protection of human rights.

In April the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), in conjunction with the Arab Institute for Human Rights, held "The African Human Rights System: Practical Steps for Creating Effective Litigation Strategies," a workshop created to openly discuss the role of African human rights system in the wake of the recent uprisings in the region. The attached summary disusses contributions by participant and outcomes of the event.

 Read a new letter from ESCR-Net member on the security and health situation in Egyptian prisons.

An interview with Khaled Ali, a labor lawyer with the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights.

The three members of the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights (ESCR-Net members) have been released from detainment in Egyptian prisons.

The lawsuit was filed in the name of three staff members at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) because the new system threatened the accessibility and affordability of drugs in Egypt, especially the price of generic drugs, which Egyptian citizens rely heavily due to their relative low cost. Previous to this decree, the price of generic drugs was determined on the basis of the actual production cost, plus profit mark-ups.

The Land Center for Human Rights issued report No. "47" of the land and farmer sires on: “water problems in Egypt”.

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