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Human rights organizations called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to cancel the illegitimate debt  and prioritize human rights and social protection in their plans and programs. ESCR-Net’s Economic Policy Working Group provided this space for its members in the African region to deepen the collective analysis of these debt crises, their histories and structural drivers, and the impacts on human rights while outlining alternatives and strategies for resistance.

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Women & ESCR

Human rights lawyers have threatened legal action against the German, Norwegian, and Canadian governments today for obstructing global efforts to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines and other healthcare technologies. 

The move comes as state delegates from around the...

Petitioners challenged the Ugandan Government’s failure to provide basic maternal health services in violation of (1) the right to health, (2) the right to life, and (3) the right of women, under the Constitution.

This August, several ESCR-Net members of the Strategic Litigation Working Group submitted an amicus curiae brief (in English) at the Court of Appeal of Uganda concerning the right to food in the context of the COVID-19...

High Court of Uganda Finds Discrepancy in Quality between Public, Government Aided and Public Private Partnership Schools, Violates the Right to Education and Equality

Following the introduction of the Universal Secondary Education (USE) program in 2007 by the Government of Uganda, the program was subsequently implemented in public schools, government grant aided schools, private for profit Public Private Partnership (PPP) schools, and private not for profit PPPs. The Government paid UGX 47,000 per student for those enrolled in PPP schools, as opposed to UGX 230,000 per student enrolled in government aided and public schools.

Ugandan High Court Orders Structural Reforms to Guard against Forced Evictions

Five applicants filed this case in 2016, seeking: a declaration that the lack of adequate procedures governing evictions violates the rights to life, dignity, and property under articles 22, 24, and 26 of the Constitution, as well as state obligations under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR); an order compelling the government to develop comprehensive guidelines to govern land evictions; and an order seeking to recover costs of the lawsuit.