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ESCR-net member, the Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER), works to promote the effective understanding, monitoring, implementation and realization of economic and social rights in Uganda.  ISER...

In 2011, the petitioners filed a constitutional petition alleging that the government had violated the Ugandan Constitution through acts and omissions with regard to maternal health services. More specifically, the petitioners contended that the government had failed to provide basic maternal health services and to adequately budget for maternal health and that the unethical behavior of health workers led to the preventable deaths of expectant mothers during childbirth.

The Citizen Voice and Action approach is a social accountability model targeted to local schools and health clinics (or local water authority or government


On May 5, 2011, Irene Nanteza arrived at Nakaseke Hospital with her husband. Although a nurse confirmed the signs of obstructed labor and called the doctor on duty, the doctor did not arrive until Nanteza had been in labor for about 8 hours. The patient died of a hemorrhage and ruptured uterus. Despite the hospital administrator’s awareness of Nanteza’s condition and the doctor’s absence prior to her death, the Court noted that it was not shown that he made any effort to transfer her to another hospital.

The current Constitution of Uganda has a mixed system where a few ESCRs are included in the Bill of Rights under Chapter 4 of the Constitution, while the majority of ESCRs are under the National Objectives and Directive Principles of State...

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Hakijami, ISER and GI-ESCR, together with allies, expressed their concerns about the World Bank’s expressed support for the development of a multinational chain of low-fee profit-making private primary schools