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New Website: Human Rights Budget Work Around the World

International Human Rights Internship Program (IHRIP), ESCR-Net member and part of the Budget and ESCR initiative, has recently launched a web site specifically devoted to human rights budget work, Human rights budget work around the world .  The web site has been created in response to the strong interest expressed by participants at ESCR-Net's 2008 International Strategy Meeting on ESCR that there be a central repository of information about human rights budget work in countries around the world, and about resources that exist to support the work. 

While the web site currently has a strong emphasis on economic and social rights, its intended focus is wider and will include information on budget work used to advance civil and political rights as well, particularly as that work develops further.  At the moment, the web site is available only in English but they anticipate having Spanish and French language sites within the next few months.   

IHRIP will regularly update the web site with information provided by individuals and organizations.  They are relying on users to send that information (there is a page on the web site for submissions), so they ask and encourage users to do that. 


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