October 10, 2010: Evert- CEDAW's Role in Realizing Women's ESCR: Oct. 19, 2010 Briefing

The Women and ESCR working group of ESCR-Net, particularly, IWRAW Asia Pacific, the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, will be holding a briefing with CEDAW Committee during the 47th review session in Geneva on October 19th, 2010.

Room 819-821 (8th floor of the Palais des Nations)

The CEDAW Committee is a critical ally and strategic mechanism for supporting an integrated and interdependent analysis of women's human rights. The recognition the CEDAW Committee gives to the critical role of ESCR in women's lives  and the Committee's commitment to achieving women's substantive equality through State party review and decisions under the Optional Protocol, has a major impact on women's ability to claim substantive equality and the implementation of ESC rights for women domestically.  This lunch briefing will provide Committee members with an opportunity to explore: (1) the meaning of  substantive equality in relation to women's ESCR , (2) how the Committee has addressed women's ESCR concerns over the last decade, (3) ways in which  the Committee can continue to support the implementation of women's ESCR domestically and (4) potential opportunities to move forward.  

In addition, new guidelines for shadow reporting on women's ESCR issues under CEDAW and the ICESCR, developed by ESCR-Net and IWRAW Asia Pacific, will be released. 


Rebecca Brown, Coordinator of ESCR-Net's Women and ESCR Working Group

The CEDAW Committee 1997 to 2010: Patterns and Trends
Alison Aggarwal, Consultant, IWRAW Asia Pacific

What does substantive equality mean for women's economic, social and cultural rights under CEDAW? Leilani Farha, Executive Director, Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation

Possibilities Moving Forward
Group Discussion with Committee members on some potential opportunities for this work



For more information on this project as well as previous briefings conducted by the Women and ESCR working group, please visit the group's webpage.