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Director Search and ESCR-Net Location of the Secretariat

As announced in the July 2010 Newsletter, ESCR-Net opened a call for applications to select a new Director, who will be primarily responsible for further expanding and consolidating the Network's capacity and substantive work; leading the Network in its new period of growth; and guiding the design and implementation process to relocate the Network's Secretariat. The job opening has generated interest from very strong candidates, strengthening our confidence that the transition will be successful and setting the basis for a new stage of development for ESCR-Net.  An update on the results of the hiring process will be sent as soon as the process is completed.


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Share Information and Seek Out Support!  How to Take Advantage of the ESCR-Net Discussion Groups

Do you want to communicate more closely with the ESCR community? We want to send a reminder that a great way to reach out to organizations and individuals within ESCR-Net's community is through the ESCR-Net online discussion groups.  Many of you belong to one or more of the groups and circulate relevant information from your current work, but we want to remind you that this is also a space to facilitate discussions and reach out to others in the field of ESCR regarding specific topics, requesting resources, and advancing discussions on shared experiences of work, research and strategies.  For broad topics, you can join the general INESCR group or share within one of our specific thematic discussions. For more information about our specific discussion groups, please visit:


ESCR-Net Members: Keep your web profiles up-to-date!

An important feature of ESCR-Net's website is the Member Profile pages - a space for Members to share resources and information about your work. We are asking all Members now to please visit your page and let us know if you have new contact information, new projects, new photos, videos or logos you would like to post on your page.  We also encourage you to browse other Members' profile pages to get a sense of our community.  If you have any updates for your organization or individual profile, please email Liz Ligon at

View ESCR-Net Member Web Profiles here.

We also highlight current News from Our Members on our homepage so please let us know when you have news we can share.  For a link to current and past news from our members, please click here:


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