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Mexico: End Workers' Rights Abuses at Excellon Mine


On November 8, 2007, ESCR-Net members wrote a letter to urge the Mexican government and Excellon representatives to bring about a transparent and honest negotiation process with the ejido co-owners of a Mexican communal land called "La Sierrita." In response to reports of threats to and harassment of workers by Excellon authorities regarding the community workers' right to unionize, ESCR-Net recently followed up with an Urgent Action Appeal on December 20, 2010. The complete letter can be downloaded at the original post found here.

Protect Human Rights Defenders in Egypt, February 4, 2011  

ESCR-Net wrote a statement condemning the violence taking place against protesters in Egypt to suppress the popular support for change as well as the attacks on human rights defenders including some of our members and journalists.  The letter was sent to the Egyptian and US government officials and relevant members of the United Nations on behalf of ESCR-Net, asking them to end the violence against the protesters and ensure respect for the human rights of all Egyptians. ollow-up communications were sent to Network members and relevant authorities in relation to the arrest of members of the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights and upon their release.  

The statement can be found here in English, Spanish, and French.

For more information on this action contact Suad Elias at selias@escr-net.org.  For more information on ESCR-Net's System of Solidarity (SOS) please contact Niko Lusiani at nlusiani@escr-net.org

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