Egypt: Down with violence against protesters and journalists

On February 3, 2011 ESCR-Net issued a statement condemning the arrest of a number of human rights activists, the attacks against journalists, and isolation of Tahrir Square as well as the failure of the Egyptian military to provide protection to pro-democracy protesters.  ESCR-Net called upon the Egyptian government and the military to stop the acts of violence against peaceful protesters and bring to justice, to refrain from attacks against journalists and seizure of their equipment and to immediately release detained human rights activists. The Network also urged respect for the popular demand for a transition to democracy. ESCR-Net called upon the United States of America to support the Egyptian people’s call for a peaceful transition to democracy and to exert its influence with the Egyptian government and military to ensure the full protection of the human rights of all Egyptians. Finally, it called on the International Community to support the pro-democracy protesters and ensure their human rights are protected, and to exert influence through all relevant channels and support Egyptians in their call for a peaceful transition to democracy.

See ESCR-Net’s public statement here.

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