September 27, 2011: Education National Public Rally Statement

Following the adoption of a new constitution, civil society organizations in Kenya are working to create new policies and legislative proposals in order to domesticate and implement internationally recognized human rights.

Several ESCR-Net members including the Nairobi People's Settlement Network and the Economic and Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii) have been working intensively with residents in low income neighborhoods in Nairobi to articulate their demands, identify the obligations of their government and claim their human rights. An example of this work can be seen by viewing the attached petition on the right to education. It was presented at Ufungamano Hall in Nairobi on 22 September following a brod consultation exercise with community members regarding the challenges faced in realizing their right to free and compulsory basic education. The attached petition consolidates the comments made by residents into a human rights framework and reflects them in strategic policy proposals and key recommendations for the government of Kenya.

Please find attached the petition on right to education.