Mexico and Excellon Resources, Inc: Respect the rights of mineworkers

On May 24th, 2011 ESCR-Net sent a letter to Excellon Mexico to express concern regarding violations of the freedom of association for workers in the company's operations in La Sierrita. The letter addressed reports received concerning threats and harassment of workers seeking to unionize, as well as non-compliance with health and safety standards. On June 6 Excellon Mexico sent a letter to ESCR-Net, denying the allegations and suggesting that they were unfounded. They offered assurances that their relationship with their workers is cordial and that they operate in full compliance with their legal and social obligations. On August 4, ESCR-Net sent another letter underscoring the right of workers to organize, including the right to freely select the union that they intend to join. The letter offered evidence of the company's knowledge of harassment of workers by its General Manager and suggested that they conduct independent investigations rather than rely on its own employees to investigate allegations against them. It also recommended that they increase efforts to promote health and safety in the workplace. Finally, it highlighted the heightened risk currently faced by human rights defenders in Mexico and urged moderation in the company's public statements.

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