Discussion Group on the Human Right to Health

Discussion Group on the Human Right to Health


The right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health has been recognized in different international and regional human rights systems and in the domestic laws of many countries as a fundamental right. The majority of States have acquired an international obligation to respect, protect and ensure the right to health to everyone under their jurisdiction.

However, for millions of people health continues to be an unfulfilled human right due to several causes, but largely due to poverty and inequality. Lack of an adequate shelter, healthy working conditions, a healthy environment, clean water and sanitation, proper health care services, adequate nutrition and many other elements can be both cause and consequence of serious human rights violations and a major detriment to health.

While 10 million children die every year in the developing world from preventable causes, high maternal mortality and morbidity continue, and premature death and sickness affect disproportionably the poor of the world, health systems disintegrate at an alarming rate all over the world making universal health coverage an even greater need and the human right to health a more urgent promise to fulfill.


Human Right to Health Discussion Group
The Human Right to Health Discussion Group was established to facilitate discussion and information exchange relevant to the Right to Health. Originally the discussion group focused on human rights issues related to HIV/AIDS. Over time, the interest of participants in the discussion group expanded to a broader focus on the human right to health, including HIV/AIDS issues. Groups and individuals interested in health as a human right are welcome to participate and are encouraged to post information, comments and inquires on HIV/AIDS issues as well as other health related issues.

We invite you to get involved in the HR to Health Discussion Group and share with other individuals and organizations interested in health as a human right information, inquiries, discussion or anything else relevant to this important human right.

Global Right to Health Campaign
Health NOW! because… the global health gap between the rich and the poor is growing wider. The vast majority of the world's population is suffering from deteriorating health conditions and inequities are getting worse. (website of the Health Now Campaign: www.health-now.org)

The HR to Health Discussion Group is linked to efforts in support of an important global campaign on the right to health: The Health Now! Campaign. The campaign was launched in July 2005 by health activists from all over the world at the Second People's Health Assembly, organized by the People's Health Movement. The discussion group is meant to serve as a bridge between health activists and human rights advocates from all over the world, and provides a space for the communication and information-exchange on the Global Right to Health Campaign.

We encourage you to get involved and support the Health Now! Campaign. To learn more, please visit their website (www.health-now.org)


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