Yiaku Peoples Association

The mission of the Yiaku Peoples Association is to realize sustainable livelihoods through efficient and effective resource mobilization management and broadening equal democratic participation space for all persons in the communities.


Yiaku believes that while delivering services to the community, the following values should be the foundation of our all operations at all levels.

  • Accountability and transparent while offering services to all the stakeholders
  • Equal participation of all genders in decision-making levels
  • Commitment to achieving results
  • Equitability in working and resource sharing
  • Respect of human dignity, integrity and cultural restoration values


1. To document and restore Yakunte language.
2. To protect and preserve Mukogodo forest our traditional home and main source and sustenance of our livelihood
3. To preserve and practice our traditional culture that is enshrined in the trees, waters, animals, hills and forests of Mukogodo.
4. To build the capacity of the community members to realize their rights of self-determination.
5. To increase awareness on the international human rights and how they can be applied locally to benefit indigenous people
6. To enhance the economic potential of members by promoting access to financial services
7. To implement  innovative investment projects e.g. eco-tourism that target to empower women economically, socially and politically.
8. To lobby and collaborate with relevant institutions of governance for equitable provisions of essential services in the community.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: