Organize a national level event in preparation of the opening for signatures of the OP-ICESCR

The benefits of holding national level events pressuring governments to sign the OP on September 24 depend on the context of each particular country. An event may not be necessary where a country has already committed to signing the OP in September.  For some partners, maintaining a low profile around the OP might be more advantageous.  On the contrary, in other countries, even a short substantive discussion on the OP might represent the difference in a government's decision to  to participate in the September signature event and sign the OP at that time.

The Coalition will be keen to support efforts of organizations in those countries interested in holding national level discussions.  At this time, the Coalition can offer support for those meetings through

  • Preparation of necessary basic material for the events;


  • Coordination of national level events in various countries to ensure a common link and output from all the meetings;


  • Bringing the results of the meetings to the gathering that will take place in New York; and 


  • When helpful, aiming to have at least one member of the NGO Coalition Steering Committee present in the national level events. 

For events to influence a government's decision to ratify the OP, they will ideally take place in early August. The specific format and content of the discussion is country-specific, but, for example, it could include the ESCR situation within the country, specific cases of violations that could be addressed by this mechanism, the existing (or lack of existing) remedies within the country, as well as the political context of the country at that time. 

Ideally, the event will include at least one national level authority who can clarify the government's plans for September 24 and its position on ratification.  The gathering will also offer NGO's the space to identify and discuss the opportunities, challenges and steps that can be taken to advance ratification efforts.  The Coalition will also be interested to support substantive discussions that take place after September.    

If your organization is interested and able to organize a meeting prior to September 24 (or after that date) in addition to working in coordination with the Coalition, please contact us for more information and a fuller proposal.


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