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Action Plans for Areas of Work

Following the International Strategy Meeting on ESCR held in Kenya in December 2008, the ESCR-Net Secretariat has been working in partnership with various members in defining Action Plans for the coming years which were initially discussed in the meeting. We have concluded and begun implementation of Action Plans for Adjudication of ESCR; Women and ESCR; Corporate Accountability; Trade, Investment, Finance and Human Rights; and Social Movements and ESCR. Budget Analysis and ESCR is still in process of definition, while work on the Right to Health will be advanced once additional resources are raised and the Secretariat's capacity increases. In order to be able to implement thoroughly the different plans, the Secretariat is in the process of raising the necessary funds. You can read about these developments below.  If you are interested in knowing more about specific work plans, or in participating in any given area of work, please contact Liz Ligon at


Location of the Secretariat

In terms of institutional developments, the ESCR-Net Secretariat is finalizing research on the economic benefits of moving the location of the Secretariat office to the Global South, in accordance with the mandate set forward by the General Assembly at the International Strategy Meeting. Many members are providing useful assistance. Once this research is concluded, the ESCR-Net Board together with the Secretariat will make the decision on whether it is beneficial to move the location of the Secretariat, and if so, adopt the necessary measures to ensure a smooth transition.  We will communicate with our Members as this process develops.

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