Citizen News Service (CNS)

The mission of Citizen News Service (CNS) is to document voices of the key affected populations, among other constituencies, in their rights- and evidence-based thematic news coverage of health and development issues. The Service, hosted by Asha Parivar, works towards creating a society in which all human beings live their lives with dignity and justice, via strengthening democratic processes.

CNS began as a campaign in print media in India in 1991, focusing on gender justice and tobacco control. Over the years, their scope has grown to encompass a range of development justice issues.  Currently, the Service has campaigned on Right to Information to ensure a living wage for laborers, support farmers in receiving adequate price supports, counter the irresponsible use of water by Coca Cola bottling plants, monitor tobacco industry interference in health policy, and more. Particular focus is also given to the issue of sexual and reproductive health and rights, bodily autonomy for young people,  gender justice, redistributive justice, and accountability. Their reports have also challenged water privatization in several contexts.

CNS helps facilitates people’s sharing of their lived and experiential knowledge of issues that affect them in their daily lives. All CNS correspondents report on issues that reflect their own experience; for example, people living with HIV write on HIV issues. CNS works in close partnership with the National Alliance of People’s Movements in India, among other allies. 

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: