Consejo de Pueblos Wuxhtaj

The Consejo de Pueblos Wuxhtaj (Council of the Wuxhtaj Peoples) facilitates processes of continuous strengthening and promotion of the democratic and inclusive organization and participation of communities; creating discussion, analysis, and viable proposals for the construction of social welfare and a plurinational State.

It seeks to be a solid land movement and space for free determination of those of Mayan descent, as well as mestizo people, with political clarity and sustainability. Its representatives include women and men organized in the defense of life and territory who are committed to the construction of a social welfare system, based on ancestral principles and values that promote harmony and balance between humanity and mother nature. 

Its objectives are the promotion and strengthening of the organization itself and the democratic participation of the people, in accordance with the norms, values, and principles of the ancestral homeland defense, the defense of human rights, and the defense of individual and collective rights.