Construisons ensemble le monde (ONG CEM)

The mission of the NGO Construisons Ensemble le Monde is to ensure transparency in the management of public affairs and to fight against all forms of corruption; work towards the emergence of a democratic and secular Congolese society that ensures equal opportunities and fights against all forms of exclusion, ostracism, tribalism, xenophobia, and all other forms of extremism; recognize and encourage all types of actions undertaken in pursuit of the democracy and the liberation of Congolese people, while denouncing all human rights violations in Congo; raise awarness, shape, and increase the level of conscience of young people and oppressed masses; adhere to the guiding principles of international organizations campaigning for environmental protection; develop solidarity between Congolese people and international solidarity for equality and respect of all peoples in order to foster peace and tolerance; work for the preservation of ecosystems and ecological balance in Congo; build capacity and strengthen networks to promote education, socio-economic development, and the consolidation of democracy; formalize collaboration and exchange in Congo and worldwide through training and advocacy; and contribute to the construction of a fair, equitable and inclusive information systems, countering the digital divide that exists between rich and poor, North and South...etc.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: