Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR)

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights is an Egyptian non-governmental legal institution, founded in 2009, arising from values of justice, liberty, and equality.

The ECESR works through litigation, research, and data providing and campaigning to patronize and protect economic and social rights and expand their domain.

The center’s mission covers a wide range of programs and issues, including social rights such as labor rights, unionizing and organizing, education, health, housing; and economic policies including taxes, debts, free trade, public budgeting, investment, privatization, and corruption.

ECESR has filed many cases that were cornerstones to the public discourse, such as the national minimum wage case, the expropriation for public utility case, and many cases related to the corrupt privatization deals of public property.

The institution operates through 3 branches in Alexandria, Daqahliya, and Aswan, with the main office in Cairo, in addition to legal representatives in more than 20 governorates across Egypt. The ECESR coordinates with grass-root movements such as national unions and initiatives, as well as operating within anti-poverty national, regional and international networks that counter marginalization and fight injustice.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: