Environmental Rights Foundation (ERF)

Founded in 2017, and composed of lawyers, researchers, environmental experts, farmers and fishermen, Environmental Rights Foundation (ERF) is a nonprofit based in Taiwan that works to protect the environment and human rights, and ensure a just and sustainable society.


Through advocacy, litigation, legal aid, environmental monitoring and community empowerment, ERF supports grassroots movements, promotes information transparency, public participation and access to justice, and seeks to protect people’s right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.


ERF works to ensure key ESC Rights including the rights of Indigenous People, the right to work, right to adequate standard of living (including right to water, land, housing etc), and right to health. ERF handles approximately 20 cases annually. They include environmental impact assessments, urban planning, cultural heritage preservation, and consultation and consent of Indigenous Peoples. 


In joint efforts with partner organizations, academics and likeminded lawmakers, ERF advocates for climate actions, with a focus on a just transition. ERF has held forums, alone and with partner organizations on various topics concerning the climate crisis, including on carbon pricing, and just transition.


Recently ERF has advocated for the protection of human rights and the environment in the context of expanding renewable energy projects in Taiwan which under the guise of green energy, bare a number of human rights concerns. ERF has also undertaken strategic litigation