Fundación Étnica Integral (FEI)

The aim of Fundación Etnica Integral is to contribute to an integrated, human and sustainable development based on awareness, organization and participation in the discussion, planning, execution and review of the process achieved.

Their mission is to contribute to integral, human and sustainable development beginning with awareness raising, organization and participation in the discussion, planning, execution and evaluation of the process that has been carried out.

Guided by the values of a passion for service, committment with quality, solidarity, responsibility and administrative transparency,  the objectives of FEI are:

  • Apply policies, programs and projects to seek solutions to the environmental, health, production, educational and migratory problems and the development of human capital for development
  • Implement community development programs that contribute to the improvement of living conditions of residents of the communities
  • Develop and disseminate educational materials related to our philosophy
  • Promote the creation of networks and the articulation between vulnerable groups for their empowerment and development 
  • Serve the Dominican people as an institution of brotherhood and pastoral service for communities without discrimination based on belief, sex, color, nationality and always based in service
  • Organize courses, workshops, seminaries and events that contribute to the development of living conditions for the "bateyenas" communities and neighborhoods of the country
  • Promote, educate around and defend the rights of migrant workers and their families 
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: