Human Rights Awareness Center

Human Rights Awareness Centre is a non-profit and non-government organization with a mission to empower individuals, promote equality, and fight against social injustices. It’s dedicated to addressing humanitarian issues such as poverty, gender inequality, and various forms of social injustice. Through monitoring, advocacy, and raising awareness,  they work to hold governments accountable and exert pressure to ensure adherence to human rights principles. HRAC actively investigates and reports on human rights abuses within Nepal, striving to create positive change and provide assistance to those affected. Their local efforts focus on restoring peace, saving lives, and building a strong human rights movement. HRAC is also dedicated to promoting, protecting, and defending indigenous peoples’ rights. It works and cooperates with indigenous peoples’ organizations and other international institutions to promote implementation and recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights. It does this through capacity development , trainings in grassroots as well as advocacy on all levels.