Kavita Naidu

Kavita Naidu is the Climate Justice Analyst at The Sunrise Project. In her position, she has mapped the lack of diversity and inclusion within the mainstream Australian climate movement lacking representation of the ESC rights of the first nations, Pasifika and POC communities. This work has involved significant research that recommends centering indigenous sovereignty and human rights as key pillars of climate advocacy. Previously, Naidu has worked in the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights in the area of ESC rights specializing in LGBTQI+ rights, refugees, rule of law, peace & democracy in the Pacific. She has also worked at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat working closely with Pacific leaders in shaping the economic, social and cultural security across the region. Naidu has published a number of articles on the gendered impacts of climate crisis affecting ESC rights through the feminist participatory action research projects in Asia Pacific. She represents the Women and Gender Constituency in UNFCCC/COP events by amplifying feminist climate demands that represent women and girls ESC rights. A large part of her role involves engaging in capacity building training on ESC rights including environment rights and climate justice for vulnerable communities in Asia Pacific. She is  frequently present at panels at the regional and international levels in the areas of feminist climate justice, ESC and wider human rights.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: