Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST)

Although the MST was part of the foundation of the network they have not been a member in quite some time. We have been working to re-engage and reestablish our relationship with the movement and are happy to see that they are interested in formally joining the network again. 

The MST, or landless workers movement, is a mass social movement formed by rural workers and those who are struggling for agrarian reform and social justice in rural areas of Brazil. The movement was born after a process of occupying large estates (latifundios) and became a national movement in 1984. Since then the movement has led more than 2,500 land occupations with 370,000 families. Today there are over 900 encampments, holding 150,000 families in Brazil. They continue to struggle for the realization of their political, social, economic, and cultural rights.