Peace Track Initiative

The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) was founded  to support the peace process in Yemen and MENA region. It was incubated in Geneva at the Geneva Center for Security Policy in 2017 and then incorporated in Canada as a non-profit incorporation (Registration No.: 1046074-5) on 22nd October 2017. The PTI is hosted at the Human Rights Research and Education Center, at Ottawa University in Canada and has an office which is hosted at To Be Foundation for Rights and Freedom in Aden, Yemen. It is chaired by Rasha Jarhum. 

The Peace Track Initiative (PTI) aims at localizing and feminizing the peace process through promoting inclusion and enhancing feminist knowledge leadership in the Middle East and North Africa with focus on Yemen. PTI has positioned itself as a Track II partner promoting feminist peace processes. PTI working areas focuses on promoting inclusion of women and marginalized groups in the peace and political processes, as well as, promoting the protection of women's rights, and amplifying feminist knowledge leadership. PTI  employs a human-rights based approach to our programs. The PTI operations are guided by the CEDAW, UNSC 1325 resolution and its relevant subsequent resolutions on Women, Peace, and Security, and internationally agreed human rights frameworks. 

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: