Red Intercontinental de Promoción para la Economía Social y Solidaria en Latinoamérica y el Caribe (RIPESS LAC)

The Intercontinental Network of Promotion for Social and Solidarity Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean (RIPESS LAC) was created in November 2005. It is a network with a presence in 13 countries of the Latin America and Caribbean region. Its secretariat is based in Ecuador and is an articulation of 24 organizations with the goal of positioning the social and solidarity economy as a new way of living. This is done through policy advocacy, strengthening of solidary economic and intercultural circuits, experience sharing and the generation of spaces for collective action.

The organizations that make part of RIPESS LAC share basic principles such as solidarity, association, redistribution, reciprocity, autonomy and equality. These organizations manage their territories through non-capitalist economic practices for Living Well with the Earth.

As a network, RIPESS LAC carries out advocacy, campaigns, training, political organizing and public awareness on the defense of land and environmental rights, agroecology, food sovereignty, solidarity-based finances, human rights and social protection.

Internally, the Network has five working groups: solidary circuits, indigenous peoples, gender, education and youth. Through these working groups, RIPESS LAC advocates first within their member organizations, then with local governments and finally on the national level.