Reyna Trust

Reyna Trust is a climate justice organization that works to educate and empower climate activists and communities in Zimbabwe to advocate for sustainable development through the development of just climate change. The trust focuses on citizenship driven solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation and aims to ensure all communities are capacitated, understand and take united action to combat climate injustice.


Informed by a rights-based approach to climate change, Reyna Trust engages with multiple actors across government, civil society, academic, scientific community and the private sector and does its work through several approaches including popular and political education, research, litigation, campaigning, community organizing as well as monitoring and documentation  Reyna Trusts’ thematic focus includes just transition, just energy transition as well as adaptation and resilience.


Reyna Trust is currently engaged in campaigns such as a Pre-COP 27 People’s Summit which aims to question the Africanness of COP27 and the preparedness of the Zimbabwean  government to adhere to its Nationally Determined Contributions and the involvement of climate justice frameworks to ensure a climate friendly environment. They are also currently involved in a just transition project that seeks to build a shared multi-sectoral knowledge on just transition and its implications on developing countries like Zimbabwe which will set a platform for crafting an advocacy National Just Transition Framework tool within the climate and environmental mitigation strategy.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: