Zimbabwe People’s Land Rights Movement (ZPLRM)

ZPLRM is a social movement founded in 2010 with branches in several districts across Zimbabwe with each branch having members and elected leaders. ZPLRM seeks to promote and protect the rights of marginalized communities to land based resources. ZPLRM’s main area of focus is that of a fairer agrarian land reform program in Zimbabwe by providing checks and balances within the land reform program to ensure equality, equity, gender balance and non-discrimination with a view of empowering marginalized and indigenous communities with land-based resources and economic independence. 

ZPLRM is currently engaged in advocating for secure land tenure for women and child headed families, campaigning against illegal sanctions imposed against the country which are directly affecting the ordinary citizen, engaging both the local and central government by mainstreaming gender to advocate for people-oriented housing policies and provision and constantly pushing for waivers and subsidies for small and medium scale farmers from the government to promote growth within the sector. 

ZPLRM uses a variety of tactics and strategies to do its work which include advocacy and lobbying, leadership development and civic education, community outreach, membership mobilization and capacity building as well as research, documentation, and publication. For sustainability and community economic independence, ZPLRM is running a livestock passover scheme for female headed families and the most vulnerable in the resettlement areas.