Indigenous Peoples' Rights

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Letter sent to the President of Guatemala calls for a fair trial for the social leaders detained in Huehuetenango

MST, MAB and other organizations criticize HSBC due its participation in several scandals of corruption and money  laundering

Dejusticia and Racial Discrimination Watch launch a platform for actors interested in advancing the right to prior consultation

Inclusive Development International, among others, published the report "Land, Housing and Indigenous Peoples' Rights in the Draft World Bank Environmental & Social Framework" 

The Andean Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations (CAOI) express concerns regarding the eviction of CONAIE from their office

The Q'ukumatz Association of Guatemala is involved in the 37 in 27 Project to raise funds to combat discrimination against indigenous children and youth

TierraViva's advocay achieved that the struggle of the Sawhoyamaxa was recognized as one of the most importants of 2014 in Paraguay

Natural Resources Alliance of Kenya, Okieg and Minority Rights Group continue advocacy against the Kenyan government for ongoing violations and denial of the Okeig's land rights

Several ESCR-Net members joined a first meeting of the Task Force created by the Kenyan government to address the ACHPR’s ruling on the Endorois case

ESCR-Net sent a letter to the Government of Mexico to comply with binding orders of the Supreme Court in relation to the project Independencia Aqueduct and to stop the criminalization of human rights defenders of the Yaqui tribe