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Please sign this petition here . The premature termination of contract of Dr Sandeep Pandey from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Banaras Hindu University (BHU) on charge of being 'pro-Naxal' and 'anti-national' is a shameful episode. It is yet another instance both of intolerance shown by...
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This case came before the Supreme Court of India, on appeal, against a Bombay High Court verdict striking down the Maharashtra government’s statewide ban on dance performances in bars. The ban dates back to August 2005, and prohibited ‘any type of dancing' in an "eating house, permit room or beer bar", but made an exception for dance performances in three stars hotels and above, and other elite establishments. The State justified the ban by asserting that bar dancing corrupts morals, fuels trafficking and prostitution, and causes exploitation of women bar dancers.

In the September discussion facilitated by Jessica Mayberry from Video Volunteers, we continued our conversation from August on participatory...

This case was brought by six pregnant or lactating women who lived in poverty in a Delhi slum.  The women were denied food rations, as well as prenatal and children health benefits which they were entitled to under several national benefit programs.

Welcome to September’s monthly discussion, which continues the theme of participatory monitoring! I’m Jessica Mayberry from Video Volunteers and I’ll be facilitating the discussion this month. Video...

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