Implementing UN CESCR decisions on housing issues in Spain

Members of the Strategic Litigation and Monitoring Working Groups are working with social movements and NGOs in Spain, in support of their efforts to advance implementation of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) rulings on the right to housing. This page contains case documents, news on the cases and a list of members involved.



The Strategic Litigation Working Group (SLWG) focuses its work on two positive recommendations, issued by the UN CESCR, to protect the right to adequate housing of tenants (M.B.D.) and those facing foreclosure procedures (I.D.G.) in Spain. You will find here the main documents related to the cases:

1. I.D.G. v. Spain (Communication n. 2/2014)

2. M.B.D. v. Spain (Communication n. 5/2015)

Engaged Members and Partners

These are ESCR-Net’s members and partners, who have been engaged in the monitoring of implementation on the right to housing in Spain:

  • Amnesty International (Spain)
  • CAES (Spain)
  • CESR (International)
  • FOCO (Argentina)
  • HIC-LA (Regional)
  • Jackie Dugard (Individual member)
  • Just Fair (UK)
  • Observatori DESC (Spain)
  • PAH – Plataforma de los Afectados por Hipotecas (Spain)
  • Sindicato de Inquilinos (Spain)
  • SRAC (Canada)
  • YUCOM (Serbia)

UN Treaty Body Follow-Up

The Strategic Litigation Working Group (SLWG) has been working on strengthening implementation procedures at the UN Treaty Body System, having recently published a discussion paper on this matter.

In June 2017, the UN CESCR issued Working Methods on the Follow Up of Views, which allow for the participation of civil society organizations in the implementation process of CESCR decisions.

It is in this context that members of the SLWG and the Monitoring Working Group (MWG) are working on monitoring the implementation of cases I.D.G. and M.B.D. against Spain.