The Blue Club

The Blue Club considers is a grassroot organization that works with marginalized communities in the digital space, as a means to carry out advocacy for their social, economic and political rights. Their long-term goal is to build a community of enthusiastic journalists, writers, content creators and filmmakers from diverse social backgrounds looking to raise and discuss issues of caste, religion, gender and sexuality, and mental health in mainstream media. Their work focuses on historically oppressed groups in the Indian context, such as Dalit, Muslim and Adivasi groups, but also seeks to include and integrate other groups not represented in the Indian digital media expanse, such as trans and queer folk. In this context, Blue Club seeks to hone their skills to empower them to tell their stories, creating a pertinent intersectional feminist news coverage. Their short-term goals seek to facilitate writing fellowships and support to women and queer folk from oppressed backgrounds, as well as community grievance and redressal forums for marginalized women in urban slums that caters for their emotional and social needs. The staff of the Blue Club are mainly Dalit women from the communities the organization serves. The organization rose out of the communities after realizing the power of media through documenting forced evictions in the communities. The board is composed of representatives from marginalized communities where the Blue Club works.