Forest Peoples Programme (FPP)

Forest Peoples Programme is an international human rights organization supporting forest peoples around the world to secure their rights, control their lands, and decide their own futures. FPP supports them to protect and restore the well-being of their societies and lands and supports forest peoples and indigenous organizations to promote an alternative vision of how forests should be managed, based on respect for the rights, knowledge, cultures and identities of the peoples who know them best. This is done through advocacy, practical projects, and capacity building, working in 20 countries across South and Central America, Africa and Asia, alongside more than 60 partner organizations around the tropical forest belt. The aim of their work is that forests can be owned and controlled by the people within them, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, equity, and well-being for future generations and for the protection of the forests and nature within them. FPP’s work is guided by the forest peoples themselves using an ESCR framework that crosscuts with their core principles, which are self-determination, free prior and informed consent, land rights and gender equality.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: