Just Associates (JASS)

JASS believes that women who are most affected by the political, economic, environmental and health crises reverberating across the world are on the frontlines of change.  While they rarely have a seat at the decision-making table, they are organizing their communities, developing solutions and promoting justice—often at great risk for going against the grain. As a global women-led human rights network of activists, popular educators and scholars in 31 countries, we work to ensure women leaders are more confident, better organized, louder and safer as they take on some of the most critical human rights issues of our time.

JASS builds women’s collective power for justice. We equip and accompany women leaders from all walks of life, and help bring diverse activists, organizations and networks together to identify critical injustices and act collectively to solve them. We call this feminist movement building.
Through regional teams in Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, and Mesoamerica—which consist of local activists with ties to diverse groups and movements—JASS trains local leaders, strengthens community organizing, builds broad alliances, and helps link grassroots solutions to global advocacy. Using creative communications and documentation strategies, we publicize the innovative ways women are addressing serious global issues that are impacting their daily lives—from HIV/AIDS, homophobia, indigenous land rights and, inequality, to violence against women and women human rights defenders.
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: