Law and Society Trust (LST)

Law and Society Trust (LST) works to promote the full realization of the rule of law, justifiability of rights, and public accountability by effectively engaging in research, documentation and advocacy.  The organization has played a leading role in promoting human rights through legal research and advocacy during its 34-year history. With robust alliances with NGOs and community-based organizations and a long track-record of work between state agencies and communities, LST has built relationships within South Asia and beyond to protect rights, promote democratic freedom. The Trust has spoken out time and again, against injustice and violation of minority rights and the breakdown in the rule of law in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

The Trust works with local communities, civil society organizations and social movements, duty bearers, academics and media to empower communities to hold duty bearers accountable, act against rights violations

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: