Asociación La Ruta del Clima (LRC)

La Ruta del Clima (LRC) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2015 based in Costa Rica, working in other countries of Central America, including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador. They promote public participation in climate and environment- related decision-making processes, through education, training and communication about climate change in Latin America. LRC advances on this goal through advocacy, campaigns, training, community organizing, political education and organization, monitoring and documenting, and research.

LRC’s thematic focus is on loss and damage, supporting communities to face the impacts of climate change while seeking justice and accountability from the main carbon polluters. On its advocacy strategies, LRC helps to develop political positions and actively participates in international spaces of climate governance, claiming to the international community to address the loss and damages caused by climate change. LRC promotes the right to development of the Global South and the protection of cultures facing the loss and damages caused by climate change. LRC has also been developing community-based research about the human rights impacts of the environmental crisis. This information and other technical inputs are provided into national or international discussions to promote justice and rights for the Global South.