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ESCR-Net is led by Members, who build shared analysis, define strategies and undertake collective action, foremost through Working Groups, including: Women and ESCRCorporate AccountabilityStrategic LitigationEconomic PolicyMonitoring of ESCR and Social Movements. Working groups annually evaluate their progress, revise objectives, and prioritize collective actions as part of shared work plans. ESCR-Net also coordinates the NGO Coalition for the OP-ICESCR and a System of Solidarity (SOS), harnessing the collective power of the Network to address urgent threats to human rights defenders. ESCR-Net is guided by a Board is elected from and by Members based on principles of regional diversity, gender balance and inclusion of grassroots groups. The Secretariat facilitates the collective work of Members.

Strategic and Institutional Development Plan

ESCR-Net Members and Board participated in a network-wide strategic planning process in 2013, setting the following objectives, to:

  1. Advance collective, strategic, transnational efforts to realize economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) for all, in interdependence with civil and political rights;
  2. Strengthen international standards and accountability mechanisms related to ESCR, ensuring that they are accessible to and shaped by the realities and advocacy of affected communities, grassroots groups, and national-level NGOs.
  3. Deepen Member-to-Member capacity building and advance shared analysis and strategy between groups across geographic, linguistic, and historic divisions and expertise;
  4. Further role as a trusted global repository and collective source of vital information and key resources relevant to the ESCR field; and
  5. Coordinate mutual support and solidarity to advance Members' struggles.

Read our 2013-2016 Strategic and Institutional Development Plan.


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