What We Do

Our Model of Work

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ESCR-Net is led by Members, who build shared analysis, define strategies and undertake collective action, foremost through Working Groups, including: Women and ESCRCorporate AccountabilityStrategic LitigationEconomic PolicyMonitoring of ESCR and Social Movements. Working groups annually evaluate their progress, revise objectives, and prioritize collective actions as part of shared work plans. ESCR-Net also coordinates a System of Solidarity (SOS), harnessing the collective power of the Network to address urgent threats to human rights defenders. ESCR-Net is guided by a Board elected from and by Members based on principles of regional diversity, gender balance and inclusion of grassroots groups. The Secretariat facilitates the collective work of Members.

Shared objectives

At the ESCR-Net Global Strategy Meeting in November 2016, our board and members shaped the following shared network-wide objectives:

  • Advocate shared alternatives to the dominant socio-economic model, grounded in an inclusive vision for realizing human rights and environmental justice;

  • Center ESCR in public debates, decision-making, structures and practices, intensifying cross-network strategies for investigation, popularization, strategic action and campaigning, attentive to the roles of States, corporations and other actors;

  • Secure justice for systemic ESCR violations, pursuing effective accountability, regulation, remedies and implementation through participatory approaches;

  • Counter growing repression, reinforcing the credibility and capacity of human rights defenders and connecting reprisals to underlying ESCR issues;

  • Strengthen connections between diverse struggles, challenging common global conditions and foregrounding the analysis and leadership of social movements; and

  • Operationalize an intersectional approach in practice, foregrounding gender analysis and guided by communities confronting overlapping forms of oppression, exploitation and dispossession.