Who We Are

Mission and Principles

ESCR-Net Members —over 270 social movements, NGOs and advocates across 70 countries— “seek to build a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all.” Read more...

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ESCR-Net’s Board is elected every three years from and by Members based on principles of regional diversity, gender balance and inclusion of grassroots groups. 

Mr. Hossam Bahgat
Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights 
Ms. Cathy Albisa
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
(United States)
Ms. Ximena Andión-Ibañez  
Mr. Saeed Baloch
Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
Ms. Minerva Gonzales 
(The Philippines)
Mr. Legborsi Saro Pyagbara
Ms. Sandra Ratjen  



ESCR-Net Secretariat staff members facilitate the strategic dialogue and collective action of Members, with a primary office in New York City and staff in Montevideo and London.

Chris Grove

Tatiana Béjar
Economic Policy and Corporate Accountability
Program Facilitator

Graciela Dede 
Women and ESCR
Program Officer

Thea Gelbspan 
Membership and Solidarity Coordinator

Daniela Ikawa
Strategic Litigation
Program Officer

Ivahanna Larrosa
Campaign Coordinator
NGO Coalition for the OP-ICESCR


Georgia Marman
Development Assistant


Dominic Renfrey
Corporate Accountability and Economic Policy
Program Officer


Sergio Rozalén
Communications Coordinator


Greta Salazar de Villacis
Institutional Development Coordinator


Susie Talbot
Senior Legal Officer


Anne Treaba
Office Assistant 

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