Observatoire de la Société Civile Congolaise pour les Minerais de Paix (OSCMP)

The Observatoire de la Société Civile pour les Minerais de Paix (OSCMP) is an organization promoting transparency, accountability and best practices in the mining sector. OSCMP was created with the aim of contributing to the transparent management of the mining sector in order to make it the engine of growth for the economy and one of the important factors of peace, stability and human development. Its vision is to establish and consolidate peace through good governance in the mining sector of the DRC.

The objectives of the OSCMP are to defend and promote the rights of communities living near and around mining projects and affected by mining activity; contribute to the fight against illegal mining by accompanying due diligence mechanisms; conduct activities to prevent and transform conflicts related to mining; monitor environmental impacts in mining and the supervision of children and women living in mines to identify better alternatives; and promote economic justice by promoting women's access to and participation in the management of mineral resources.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: