Viviana Osorio

Viviana Osorio is dedicated to advancing women’s rights to just and favorable conditions of work. She is an active member of ESCR-Net’s Women and ESCR Working Group (WESCR WG).

Osorio currently works within the Dignified Work program of CARE International as the political advocacy coordinator for Latina America. The program – targeted at the more than 10 million women working as domestic workers in Latin America – is focused on the remuneration of domestic work, as well as the social redistribution of care work. Previously, Osorio coordinated the area of Women and Decent Work of the Escuela Nacional Sindical (ENS), providing technical support to trade union confederations. Her work with ENS centered on advancing equality, the remuneration of domestic work, the social redistribution of non-remunerated care work, wage parity, the elimination of violence in the work place, and the collective reparation of the Colombian union movement.

Osorio is also affiliated with the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia (CUT) and continues to conduct research on domestic work in Colombia, including case studies on the Colombian cities of Caragena and Urabá.