Meeting of ESCR-Net Working Group of Social Movements and Grassroots Groups in Peru

Publish Date: 
Thursday, June 12, 2014

In Pachacámac (Peru), ESCR-Net held a meeting of the Working Group of Social Movements and Grassroots Groups between May 26-30, 2014. Twenty five grassroots leaders and human rights activists from sixteen countries participated in the meeting, where they discussed the common challenges they face and shared strategies for using human rights to advance their struggles to promote social justice. Participants also exchanged experiences relating to various approaches to leadership development, managing alliances and the participation of women within social movements.

With an eye to furthering collaboration amongst Working Group Members and promoting their participation in various other areas of collective work coordinated by ESCR-Net, the meeting concluded with some proposals for future activities of the Social Movement Working Group that would center around further mutual learning and the exchange of experiences amongst members. In addition, in light of ESCR-Net’s commitment to promote the participation and leadership of social movements in all areas of collective work in the Network, the potential participation of grassroots leaders in other Working Groups and projects of the Network was also explored.

The meeting was hosted by the Peasant Confederation of Peru (CCP) and enjoyed strong participation and support from the Coordinator of Andean Indigenous Organizations (CAOI), both Working group members in the region.